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Hey Siri,

turn on the Patio lights

Home, Sweet Home.

Smart Home
  • Lights, Camera, Action.

  • Would you like to ask Siri to turn on your patio lights? Change the Air Conditioner to 19 degrees, or even open the blinds?

  • We create easy-to-use smart home solutions that work with both iOS and Android, and on Amazon Alexa.

  • Products like Phillips Hue, HomeKit, Lutron Caseta, iHome & more!

  • Wouldn't it be nice to see who's at your front door when you're away?Make sure your kids safely get off the bus? Let your dog walker or cleaner in without giving them a key?

  • All that is possible with a simple, smart-home security solution. From the push of a button you can lock or unlock your door and so much more.

  • Shopping for a new TV? Want to eliminate all those pesky remotes? Dance to music playing throughout your entire home?

  • Fix and Clix offers a variety of solutions to do just that

  • Merge your smart home and entertainment for commands like "Watch a Movie" and see your lights dim & devices turn on

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